Let's walk and talk to get your Business English right on track!

Corinne Wilhelm

Virtual Power Hour (Tuesdays) 60 Minutes
VIP Business English Power UP (Fridays) 3 Hours

Virtual Power Hour

Virtual Power Hour-

If you have something important coming up IN ENGLISH and you want to make sure that you are ready and confident to go in there with the right English, then book in for an hour.

If there is something you want me to check (presentation, letter, CV, documentation) please send it at least 3 hours in advance to

Discrete - Flexible - Focused

(1 hour)
€ 75.00

VIP Business English Power Up
#languagenergy #Berlin #Potsdam

VIP Business English Power Up
#languagenergy #Berlin #Potsdam

This is my no compromise, high intensity coaching option for experts and entrepreneurs that book in with me for a solid 3 hour session.

Just me and you, working on exactly the right English for what you need to get done in your business or career right now. We walk & talk for up to 70% more retention and access to your long term memory.

  1. Coffee & Small Talk warm up
  2. Walk & Talk in Berlin
  3. Lunch and debrief
  4. A full week of byte-sized English (Häppchensweise) via messenger
  5. Follow Up Coaching Call within 7 days (30 mins)

Book 4 in advance, get the 5th session free within 365 days.
5 hours support in total

(1 hour)
€ 360.00